Online Marketing


E-COMMERCE Services include :

  • 24 hours real-time updating
  • Multi-Functions Control Panel
  • Multi-level catalogue with unlimited adding of menu
  • Hot News, Forum or Message Board
  • Unique Discount, Redemption & Membership Applications
  • VIP/Visitors/Master login functions
  • Shopping Cart & Quote Request Form
  • Link up Payment Gateways: Banks, Paypal、Paydollar….
  • Currencies & Delivery Charge Calculation
  • Purchasing Records & Statistics
  • Invoicing & Payment Alert System

SOCIAL MEDIA Services include :

  • Brand Awareness & Brand-Building
  • Facebook Ad Design
  • content building on social media platform (facebook, wechat, forum)
  • Drive traffic to website

SEO Services include :

  • Drive traffic to website
  • Strategy Evaluation to evaluate your websites and business objectives
  • Competition Analysis to discover how and where the competitors obtain top rankings
  • Keyword Research to optimize your premium selection and create more possible but most beneficial keywords to your business
  • Tag Copywriting for Title Tags, Meta Tags Description, H1 and Image Tags
  • SEO Content Optimization by our specialized SEO copywriters to create SEO-oriented content
  • Sitemap and URL Structure for better search engines indexation
  • Link Profiling Strategy to organize internal and external links to get the site indexed by search engines
  • Web Analytics Report to evaluate traffic and conversions result

PAY PER CLICK Services include :

  • Drive traffic to website
  • Google Adwords
  • Display ADS